Project Description


Born in Spain, Valladolid, March 22, 1980. The artist formed his own line of work in the art of painting on canvas. From childhood he showed his taste for painting and as Creative Designer, he worked for 7 years with the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid. Acquiring this way, training and experience in the composition of the artworks, the treatment of color, and creativity. Since 2000 he began to make possible his dream and to express his creativity and his personality in a canvas. The most demanded artworks of the artist are those where he mixes the realism with geometric compositions that reveal the scene.


This is one of the paintings that most like the artist since it is his intention to follow this way of expressing himself for a long time. Always trying out new shapes, but here is where the artist feels most comfortable, reflecting the meaningless lines, colors as the identity of all paintings, figures and lines that intertwine, bending and disappear. It forms a scene of two people drinking in a typical place of Valladolid, the Berlin Bar. The one on the left is a caricature of the author and the figure on his right that of a friend with whom he has starred in a similar scene.

Javier Blanco also works on commission. He has made several artworks on canvas, local murals and specific orders. Do you have any idea in your head? Do you want a custom mural? Maybe a painting to give life to your house or place… Tell us what you are thinking here and we will respond soon.

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VIDEOS: It is easy to observe a painting, but rarely can we observe how a painting is painted, follow Javier Blanco here and enjoy his videos.

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Specific specifications of the artwork:

  • Date: 2014
  • Width: 92cm 36”
  • Height: 73cm 29”
  • AVAILABLE 1800€ Contact us if you are interested on this artwork here